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Let’s all talk about how good Thorin is with kids.

  • Babies love Thorin because he doesn’t get in their faces and squeal about how cute they are and overstimulate them. And when they’re cranky and tired he’ll take them and sway them a bit and they’re asleep in no time.
  • Toddlers love Thorin because no matter how crappy their fingerpainting is, he smiles and accepts it and tells them what a good job they did. And he gives horsieback rides.
  • Little kids like Thorin because whenever he has to deny them participation in something that they’re too young for, he’s sure to include them in something they can do because all dwarves like to be useful.
  • Thorin can sing some amazing lull-a-byes.
  • Thorin has, once, made a splint for a stuffed toy with a “broken leg.”
  • Unless he actually has something better to do, Thorin will participate in a snowball fight.
  • Thorin has tremendous sympathy for picky eaters and will trade what’s on his plate for something a little one doesn’t want.
  • Thorin is an avid reader (when he has the time) and is more than willing to take a little one on his knee to read a story.
  • Thorin gives the best hugs.
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